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Pre-Christmas Work Party!

Click on the picture for a closer look!
On Saturday, December 20th, seven TRHA volunteers came to help us whittle down a lengthy task list of items we hope to complete before year end. It was a balmy -13C outside but sunny which brought the temperature inside the 3 stalls space up about ten degrees, not too bad to work in. Elwell-the-Crane was a bit sulky at first as some problem has developed in the cranking motor system so we had to hand-crank it to start the engine. The good news is that you can do this and it did start.
The day was very successful. Given the great team turnout, we completed the bulk of the heavy work on the list. All the miniature rail is now stored in stall 15 where it can stay for a long time. We finally did a solid count of the amount of rail that we have acquired and discovered we have 4700 feet of rail. That is enough to do 2350 feet of track, comfortably more than we theoretically need.
Story by Michael Guy; Picture by James Gardiner

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