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-14 Degrees Celsius Doesn't Stop our Work Teams!

Click on each picture for a closer look!
Exceptionally cold weather on the last day of February didn't stop our work crews from making some serious progress yesterday. The sun blazing through the roundhouse windows warmed us up sufficiently to allow this to happen.
As the sun rose yesterday, I was conscripted to tow Michael G.'s trailer from Etobicoke to the roundhouse to deliver a cut-off bandsaw and MIG welder for future use on the miniature railway construction. Loaned and donated workshop equipment is playing an important part in equipping our work teams for success.

Lance, Jason P., Richard and Michael G. spent most of the day on the speeder passenger car resulting in our being able to see it in the picture at left above with some of our work crew patiently and comfortably waiting for a speeder to show up to tow them off into the sunset.
Meanwhile, James, Bob, Wilson and Paul tackled a really major reorganization of the machine shop space. In the next picture above, we find the crew moving a roundhouse door. This picture is followed by a photo which attractively captures the new cleaned up space.
In the afternoon Arno arrived and he and Bob worked on the Sweet Creek locomotive. In the picture at right we find Arno determinedly walking past the engine in another great picture of the engine on its robust new stand.
Story by Russ Milland; Pictures by Lance Gleich

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