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Weekend Report: Record Turnout of Volunteers!

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Saturday Report
It was a very busy day on Saturday. We had another record turnout of 20 volunteers. Projects addressed included:
  • A start on the red exterior paint on the van
  • Much interior work done on the caboose and the F7
  • Major work on the F7 exterior surface in preparation for painting
  • Unloading of newly arrived U33C locomotive simulator cab
  • Moving #6213 from track 33 to 34 to allow work under the coaling tower next week
  • Work on the GP7 #4803's engine
  • Using Whticomb #1 to supply air to #4803 for a successful preliminary test of the air system on #4803.
  • Test fitting the Pyke radiator .
After the day ended we lit a fire in Sweet Creek (Locomotive #3) and ran some tests until around seven p.m.

Sunday Report

The weather was also good on Sunday with just a brief shower in the morning then sunny and warm for the rest of the day. Eight volunteers turned out. Primarily this was a miniature railway day so we tackled the following:.
  • Steaming up of the 7 ¼” gauge Romulus 0-4-0 for the first time since it's light rebuild and ran it around the track successfully.
  • Manufacturing the remaining connection in the depot - track three to the turntable.
  • We extensively reworked the very tight radius curve at the exit to the first leg of the “Y” from the depot. At the end of the day locomotive One-over-Two (7-1/2" gauge) and the fine-scale gondola (7-1/4" gauge) negotiated the curve with no troubles at all
  • Continued work on the F7 and U33C cabs
  • At the end of the day four of us fired up #1 and pulled 4803 outside again
With the roundhouse now interior relatively clear of equipment, we spent the next hour cleaning up after the weekend work parties to free up adequate floor space inside the Roundhouse for the electricians to resume work at 6:30 a.m. on Monday morning.
We normally don't report the time contributed by our volunteers but over these two days we totalled a noteworthy 200 man-hours!
Posting by Michael Guy; Pictures by Stephen Gardiner, Russ Milland and James Rasor

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