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Field Report: The Komoka, Ontario Railway Museum – Part 2 of 2

The Komoka Railway Museum is also the home of a miniature railway.  Unlike our ground level 7 1/4" gauge railway, this railway is 3 1/2" and 4 3/4" (dual) gauge and is on a raised steel structure as you can see in the photos below and the video above.

Ed Spencer, on the live steamers involved with the museum, is seen below with two of his 4 3/4" gauge engines.  One is a model of a small 0-4-0 diesel-electric switcher, often called a "critter".  The other is a model of a 2 foot gauge steam locomotive and is built to an English design called the "Sweet Pea". The engines ran very nicely and were a pleasure to drive.

Like most live steam clubs, they only operate their trains for the public on specific days during the summer season. Click here to see when they will be running this summer.

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Posting, video and photos by Russ Milland.

Click on each image below for a closer look!

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