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Field Report: More from the Big Boots & Western RR and Manatee Central Lines in Florida

Above is a video produced by the track's owner, John Boots, of the winter meet at the Big Boots & Western Railway which Michael Guy reported on earlier this month.

Michael Guy further reports:

"It goes dark here at 7 pm! Although no alligators have been seen it is reported as fact that coyotes have been responsible for the deaths of a couple of local house cats lately. Those of us who took trains out after sunset today kept a sharp eye on the Florida jungle just in case.

Earlier that day, the Saturday "covered dish" (pot luck to we Canucks) supper brought a pleasant end to a gloriously sunny and warm day."

Click on each image for a closer look!

Night running on the Manatee Central
Pot luck dinner at the Manatee Central

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