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Our restored CN Caboose rolls out into Roundhouse Park

The Restoration of CNR caboose #79144 is almost complete. Acquisition of it last year was another of those grab it or lose it forever situations much like that of the passenger car Nova Scotia: take it or it will be destroyed. TRHA decided to accept it. That this turned out to be a good decision resulting in the TRM now having a remarkably good-looking caboose to display is entirely due to the efforts of over thirty volunteers working over a ten-month period. That so much work was done in so short a time is also remarkable and a tribute to the dedication of the restoration crew.

That thirty people were involved is true but the real story is that the lead on this work was taken by Neville Fairclough and Len Smith and without them we would still be looking at a rotting shell of an old caboose. Neville and Len led a team of people ranging from our usual skilled TRM suspects to one-day-at-a-time people seconded to us by Leon's whom we thank profusely for sending the help. A full list of all participants in this project as well as a history of the caboose written by Derek will be permanently mounted on the car for all to see.

Once the final details of the interior are complete the space will be fitted out as a new interpretive space for the museum. We plan to couple it up to the TH&B caboose (which has its full interior) so that people can walk through the two as one museum experience.

Congratulations everyone, the caboose looks fantastic.

Posting and images by Michael Guy

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