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A New Start for the Union Station Revitalization.

After a lengthy hiatus following the collapse of the Union Pearson Group proposal for Union Station revitalization, the City of Toronto is restarting the process of redevelopment. Many of the studies and technical data gathered during the UPG process is valid and still current so that time will be saved in formulating the new proposal. The Public Advisory Group (PAG), chaired by Janice Etter, will play a significant role in providing citizen input to the revitalization process. The Toronto Railway Historical Association has been a supportive member of the PAG since it's inception and urges those of you with railway and transportation backgrounds and interests to apply for membership in the PAG. The City of Toronto call for PAG membership applications follows below.

Orin Krivel, President, TRHA


The Union Station Revitalization Public Advisory Group assists in planning for and provides community input and advice to City staff and Toronto City Council about the restoration and revitalization of Union Station.

Current members include citizen members at large and citizen members representing organizations in the transportation, business, community/neighbourhood, heritage and tourism sectors.

Organizational representation from the following specific sectors is sought at this time:

  • Community/neighbourhood (resident/ratepayer or similar associations operating within the area bounded by the Don River, Bathurst Street, Queen Street and Lake Ontario)
  • Heritage
  • Tourism

In addition to organizational representation, citizen members at large positions are available.


If you are interested in joining the Union Station Revitalization Public Advisory Group, visit for the criteria, or pick up an information package at the Access Toronto counter located in the rotunda at City Hall. For more information on the USRPAG, call 416-338-2361.

Application letters should be submitted no later than April 26, 2007.

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