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Newly Restored Woodings Speeder Towed

Port Stanley Terminal Railway

Port Stanley, Ontario

Special to the TRHA

An antique, newly restored Woodings CBI speeder railcar was towed ignominiously into St Thomas Saturday morning by a Woodings type CBL railcar. Part owner of the CBI car, Michael Guy was reported to be "miffed and annoyed" by the sudden failure of an ignition system component on the Tecumseh railcar engine. His companion Lise St Germain was entirely unconcerned by the failure and said the lack of engine noise while under tow was an improvement while she continued her needlepoint work in the right-hand seat. Parties unknown initiated a board of enquiry at lunch to determine why the emergency flagging kit normally mounted on the right-hand side of Mr. Guy's railcar had disappeared and been replaced with a potted begonia plant. Organizers of the event described this occurrence as "highly irregular".

Michael Guy, VP - TRHA

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