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Turntable Bridge Motors - Restoration Progress

Click on the picture for a closer look!

Here are three shots for the steam engine enthusiasts! One of the air motors has been stripped for inspection and repair and was found to be structurally indistinguishable from any engine built to run on steam. In the first photo at the left we see one side of one engine showing the slide valve inside the steam chest with the cover off and to its right the valve-rod guide. Next, in the middle picture, is the opposite cylinder removed and on the bench for inspection and honing and lastly, in the picture on the right, a look at the port face on which a slide valve works. In the middle is the exhaust port to atmosphere, on either side are the steam ports that communicate with the cylinder ends. The cylinder bores were found to be in good condition as are the port faces.

The pistons, rings and piston rods all require replacement. The new pistons will be fitted with top quality current technology cup seals and the rod seals will be upgraded as well. Graphited-rope packing was previously used but this is high maintenance and prone to leakage. One of the motors will be restored to original "as-built" condition for museum display.

By Michael Guy, TRHA

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