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Air motors tested awaiting the first turntable rotation!

Click on the centre button above to watch the video
The turntable should have moved this morning but did not solely due to a lack of the correct centre bearing lubricant. A five-gallon pail of "the right stuff" is expected to arrive tomorrow. Once it does arrive, we will move the bridge about 90 degrees to check alignments and stop there for the time being. Once Western Mechanical's engineers (and myself!) are happy that all is as it should be, the permanent grout will be placed under the pivot base and allowed to set.

One motor is in fine order but the other requires some running in and one slide valve sounds like it needs adjustment. The various control linkages still require adjustment but this is to be expected and this process will go on over a period of weeks. In the video above, you can watch the air motor in operation during testing today.

By Michael Guy, TRHA

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