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Separating out the artefacts!

Click on each picture for a closer look!
As the Eastern Finals prior to the Grey Cup next week were being played across the street, the Raptors played a block away and the Santa Claus parade wended its way through Toronto a few blocks away, a TRHA work crew devoted their Sunday afternoon to continuing the process of sorting through the materials uncovered by the firm renovating the interior of the roundhouse in order to save those items which we believe to be artefacts worth preserving and restoring.
In the picture at the upper left, we see a lot of such material on the floor of the roundhouse. In the centre picture, we use a forklift to move some of the larger items to the machine shop area which is being used to warehouse these artefacts. At the right is our intrepid "TRHA crew of the day" .... from left to right .... Russ M., Dave W., Michael G., Bob D. and Jason P.
by Russ Milland, TRHA

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