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Laying Track in Roundhouse Park .....

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Last Friday, PNR Rail Services continued to lay track albeit with a couple of hitches in the program. First the big loader blew a tire necessitating a visit by a large crane-equipped tire repair vehicle after which everything was fine until the loader ran out of fuel! With these delays we only managed a panel and a half of track laid instead of the three planned. Track work continued today. During the delay periods, TRHA volunteers put in some turntable maintenance time. We removed an air motor steam-chest cover to free one stuck slide-valve that was blowing to exhaust, preventing motor #1 from running and connected the foot-brake rigging. This last item makes it much easier to stop the table in the right spot as we can now stand on the pedal (it takes that much force!) to engage a drum brake to prevent the motor from moving the table that last inch or two as the air pressure runs out.
by Michael Guy, TRHA

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