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The Wheel Pit Archeological Project- Part 1!

Click on each picture for a closer look!
Yesterday, a TRHA crew took on a little industrial archaeological project in the roundhouse. The two remaining wheel drop pits will eventually be filled in so in anticipation of this we decided to document what we could while also salvaging those parts we need for a new wheel pit in the museum space. The rails over the pits were arranged to slide sideways to allow wheel and axle assemblies to be dropped from steam locomotives. We found out today that these bridge rails are retained by wedges and cotter pins not apparently disturbed in a great many years. Removing just four of these to free up two bridge rails took the better part of three hours of cleaning, hammering and tweaking with pry-bars. Thanks to Dave W., Arno M., Jason P., Bob D., and Knox H., for a great effort. Further work to complete the documentation process will continue in the next weeks.
by Michael Guy, TRHA

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