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Movin' them out!

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Today, a TRHA crew, assisted by a PNR track crew, moved four vehicles from the roundhouse via the turntable on to temporary storage tracks in Roundhouse Park. A length of "snap track" was moved from stall to stall to connect the roundhouse tracks to the turntable as needed. The vehicles moved were: Toronto's first electric streetcar Peter Witt #2300, the TH&B caboose, the CPR heavyweight sleeper "Jackman" and the business car "Cape Race". Our little CLC-Whitcomb industrial locomotive handled the work with no difficulty despite it still having only one of its two engines operational. Operations early in the day were hampered by a foot of heavy, wet snow which had to be cleared from the turntable deck and the track in the pit. We discovered that wet snow like this is quite capable of stopping the turntable from rotating."
by Michael Guy, TRHA; Photos by Dave Wetherald & Michael Guy

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