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Building A Very Unusual Railway Crossing!

Click on each picture for a closer look!
A major challenge for the TRHA in the development of Roundhouse Park was the design and development of a railway crossing to allow two tracks to cross. What was unusual in our case was the fact that one of the tracks would be standard gauge (4 foot 8 1/2" gauge) and the other would be 7 1/4" gauge to accommodate our miniature railway equipment. Michael Guy designed an innovative crossing and can be seen welding it up in the picture at the left taken by Lance Gleitch. In the picture in the middle, taken by James Rasor, we see last Sunday"s crew installing the switch temporarily in the roundhouse for testing. In the picture at the right taken by Michael Guy, we see Wilson using our boxcar mover to move the Fowler boxcar and successfully test the crossing.
By Russ Milland, TRHA

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