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Laying Down Foundations for our Historic Structures!

Click on each picture for a closer look.
The project to restore three of our historic Toronto railway structures - the John Street Crossing Keepers House, Cabin D and the Cabin D Tool Shed (now stored in and behind the roundhouse) - has now begun. In preparation for their being moved to new locations in Roundhouse Park, construction of new foundations for them has now started.
In the picture at left, we can see a backhoe working on the excavation of the foundation pit for Cabin D. In the foreground of this picture is the foundation for the John Street Crossing Keepers House. In the middle picture we see the foundation for the Cabin D Tool Shed. In the picture at the right, we have closer look at the excavation underway for the Cabin D foundation showing the construction of the original park earthworks on top of the roof of the Metropolitan Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC) underground parking lot. The white styrofoam blocks seen in this picture were used to reduce the soil weight on this roof when the parking lot was built.
News by Russ Milland; Photos by Michael Guy

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