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Work Progresses on Several Fronts!

Click on each picture for a closer look!
In the past week, a number of tasks were completed by those hired to renovate the roundhouse. Let look at some of them in the pictures above (from left to right).
At the left, we see the turntable pit rim being re-waterproofed in preparation for the completion of all of the radial tracks from the turntable to the roundhouse doors. In the next picture, we see a new steel mezzanine under construction for Leon's going up at the south end of stall 18. In the next picture, this odd bit of kit is a vacuum machine engaged in removing stone from the roof in advance of major re-waterproofing work.
Finally we find Mike and his crew finishing off the caps to both remaining steam locomotive wheel-drop service pits. There is a steel "floor" under the concrete to allow the pits to be re-opened in the future should that be required. According to policy, all changes to the heritage fabric of this National Historic Site for temporary tenant purposes must be reversible.
Text and Pictures by Michael Guy

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