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Sparks Fly as the Tender Takes Shape!

Click on the picture for a closer look!
Last Thursday saw further progress on the assembly of the tender. The middle image shows the hind bulkhead support plates being welded by Michael Guy to the riveted angle and channel sections. They are not directly welded to the tender sides to avoid any local distortion to these smooth surfaces. The right hand image is the same operation on the fore bulkhead support plates. The use of support plates, rather than direct welding in of the bulkheads, allows the bulkheads themselves to be removed improving access to the plumbing around the tanks. In a further operation metal beading was spot welded along the top of the sides of the tender providing an attractive edge. Next up is the installation of pipe fittings and valves. Once these items are fitted up and copper pipe bent to fit we will be sending the tender frame and body off for painting.
The "tender men" (as they like to be called) did such a great job on the tender riveting (see one of our three Michaels in the riveting picture at left above) and assembly that the team has been rewarded with the opportunity to make the steam engine's cab look just as good with Michael Guy leaving the cab parts for the team as they left for the day.
Story and Pictures by Michael Gibbon

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