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Taking Delivery of our Steam Locomotive Kit!


Click on each picture for a closer look!
Over the Christmas holidays, a 2,500 pound shipping crate containing the kit of locomotive parts was delivered to a workshop where assembly of our steam engine is taking place. In the picture at the left, Arno and Michael inspect the contents of the crate as they prepare to check that everything is present and undamaged. In the middle picture, we can see the completed boiler for the engine. This was built by a professionally accredited boiler maker to comply with TSSA regulations for a pressure vessel of this size. The heating surface is twenty square feet with a steam working pressure of 120 pounds per square inch and is not superheated. Fuel oil will be used initially with a change to coal firing possible at a later date. In the right hand picture, we find Bob, Michael and Dave sorting through the many parts involved in such a complex engine.
Story by Russ Milland; Pictures by Arno, Dave & Michael

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