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Another Successful Work Party at the Roundhouse!

Click on each picture for a closer look!
This past weekend at the Roundhouse, there was a productive work session with Lance, Wilson, Jason, Ron, Bob, Richard, and James forming this Saturday's work team. Lance and Wilson tackled the main challenge this weekend - the clearing and cleaning of the old triangular shaped blacksmith area for the new miniature steam engine's arrival. This space was being used to store paints and solvents. The space (seen in its final splendour in the middle left picture above) is required next week as the locomotive will likely be moved into this space next week. There the work on the locomtovie will be completed and the engine united with its tender.
Elsewhere, Ron, Richard, Wilson and Lance began the construction of an additional module for the skid storage by sorting through the unusable pieces to get a frame up and in place. The partially completed frame can be seen in the middle right picture above.
Bob and Jason continued cleaning the lathe testing three methods: a mild organic paint remover, a rust remover, and a paint thinner as shown in the picture at the upper left.
In the upper right photo, we see that the new doors for bays 26 and 27 are now complete.
Story by Russ Milland; Pictures by James Rasor and Lance Gleich

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