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From the Archives - Union Station and the Model Railroad Club of Toronto

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TRHA plans to develop a model railroad depicting the Toronto Rail Lands to likely be located within Union Station as part of its plan for the Toronto Railway Heritage Centre. It will not be the first such model railroad to be located there. From 1938 to 1945, Model Railroad Club of Toronto developed and operated such a model railroad in Union Station. After 71 years, the Club still thrives today in the Liberty Village area. Here is an excerpt from their extensive history to be found the their website ( )
"On January 30, 1938, a small group of model railroaders met in the basement of Harry Ebert. From those humble beginnings came the Model Railroad Club of Toronto. In April 1938, the Club found and leased Room 470, a 16 foot by 165 foot space in Toronto's Union Station. Within five years the Club had built a credible O gauge layout. More incredible is that it was constructed through the early years of World War II, when both manpower and supplies were in short supply due to the war effort."
"After World War II, the railways required the Union Station space the Club occupied, so a hunt for a new home was on. In January 1946, the Club moved to its present location in the basement of 171 East Liberty Street (formerly 37 Hanna Avenue), a former munitions factory. Over the years, a great many have belonged to the Club and enjoyed themselves through fellowship with others that share their passion for the hobby. For many, membership at the Model Railroad Club of Toronto has been a lifelong commitment."
The black and white pictures above are from their Union Station period. The colour pictures above were taken on their current model railroad. As per the above brochure, the Club will be holding open house on Sunday, Feb 15th, Monday, Feb 16th (Family Day) and Sunday, Feb 22nd. Take the opportunity to visit their comprehensive website for more information about the club, their history and the Open House events.
Story by Russ Milland; Pictures from the Model Railroad Club of Toronto Website.

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