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14 Man Work Crew Drives Progress on Many Fronts!

Click on each picture for a closer look!
A large team of volunteers (James R., Jim G., Paul A., Mike S., Arno, Bob D., Jason P., Mark P. Lance, Wilson, Richard, Jon, Michael G. and Dave W.) came out despite the lure of a balmy sunny day to help with a number of work projects.
Mike S., Jon and Arno disassembled our steam locomotive in preparation for painting, marking all the parts with stamps with location and orientation date to assist in reassembly. The locomotive has now been stripped down to the bare frame and boiler. The partially disassembled engine can be seen in the left hand picture above.
Lance and Jim did a great job repairing a number of the large heritage electrical outlets over in Leon's space. These were variously missing parts or were in some way mechanically incomplete. All are now mechanically complete as shown in the middle pictures above where we see Lance working on these fixtures. These are now to be painted and left in place as historic display items.
James R. and Jason P. worked on the miniature track project addressing the need for some advance survey work.
Everyone else worked on the speeder car as shown in the remaining pictures above. Dave W., who had already carefully cut the wood components for the speeder rail system earlier in the week, headed up the woodwork team with Wilson. Wilson later finished off the paint with Paul, Jon and anyone else available.
Story by Russ Milland, Pictures by Lance Gleich & Michael Guy

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