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Another Productive Saturday by our Roundhouse Work Crew - Part 2!

Click on each picture for a closer look!
After completing the work described yesterday and a well earned lunch break, all hands engaged in miniature track building. As shown in an earlier posting here, the miniature railway will operate on a track in a "figure 8" configuration requiring the construction of a crossing. This was completed and the new crossing is now on the floor with twenty feet of track on either side of it. This is a trial assembly to prove our assembly methods and check the crossing. We tested the crossing with our big miniature "CN" F7 diesel locomotive.
Everyone who wanted to run the locomotive up and down the track listening to the "clunk-clunk clunk-clunk" noise as it went over the crossing. In the pictures above, we capture the action as the crew tests the crossing. But you had to be there to hear it!
It was a good day and a lot of fun.
Story by Michael Guy; Photos by Lance Gleich

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