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Preserving CNR Northern 6167 in Guelph, Ontario!

Click on each picture for a closer look!
As you may have noticed elsewhere on our website, the City of Toronto owns the CNR Northern #6213 Class U-2-g 4-8-4 locomotive which is currently on display on the grounds of the Canadian National Exhibition. This locomotive has been carefully maintained in pristine condition by the Toronto Locomotive Preservation Society (TLPS). Only 6 of the 203 Northerns built for the CNR have survived.
One of the other surviving locomotives, CNR Northern #6167 Class U-2-e 4-8-4, has been on display in Guelph for many years but had deteriorated badly for lack of maintenance. It is the only remaining U-2-e class locomotive in existence. In the past few years, another group of dedicated volunteers formed the Locomotive 6167 Restoration Committee with the mission: "to perform an accurate restoration of CN steam locomotive #6167 as a static display for the citizens of Guelph, the wider community and future generations; to foster an appreciation of #6167 and to promote its history and the significance of Canadian railroading to the development of Guelph." The locomotive is currently under active restoration with the boiler jacket and underlying asbestos insulation having been removed and plans are underway to perform further restoration on this engine this year. For much more information and many more pictures about this locomotive and their project, visit their website.
In the picture at the left above we find #6167 at rest in the CNR Spadina Avenue Roundhouse which was a few feet west of our CPR Roundhouse (Picture courtesy of John Vincent). In the middle picture, we find #6167 in fan trip service prior to being retired. In the right hand picture, we see the sand dome being removed in 2008. These pictures are from the 6167 website. Finally in the picture below (From the CNR Archives at the National Museum of Science and Technology) we find #6167 in regular service.
Story by Russ Milland

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