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Separating CNR 4-8-4 #6213 from its Tender!

Click on each picture for a closer look!
The Toronto Locomotive Preservation Society (TLPS) have been caring for #6213 since she was donated to the City of Toronto by the CNR. They reported today that locomotive #6213's tender was successfully separated and moved a few inches away from the locomotive. This is significant because today marks the first time this preserved locomotive has turned any wheel in forty-nine years. In May the engine will make the journey from Exhibition Place to the Toronto Railway Heritage Centre at the John St Roundhouse.
In the photo at the left above, we see a tender wheel showing a rusty unpainted mark after it was rolled a few inches. The next photo shows unpainted marks where the tender (left side) has moved to the left, allowing the spring-loaded chafing plate to extend further towards the loco cab (on the right side). In the final photo at the right, we see a part of the locomotive never seen other than by maintenance crews - the lower universal joint of the (coal) stoker screw drive. Here, the pivot pin has been removed allowing the tender to part it from the locomotive.
Story by Michael Guy; Pictures by Grant Kingsland of the TLPS

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