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Doors Open: 1200 Take a Trip through Roundhouse Park!

Click on each picture for a closer look!
As reported earlier, the heavy construction underway in Roundhouse seriously restricted visitor access to the facilities. So we had to be significantly innovative and decided to set up a passenger loading area on Bremner Avenue, where we loaded passengers onto our poassenger car and flatbed trailer cars and drove them along the new radial track #34 beside the coaling tower to the turntable. Then we spun the turntable to align it with radial track #17 and took them for a ride into the roundhouse itself. Our TRHA volunteer tour leaders interpreted the facility and the project to the visitors as they rode.
The visitor count was almost exactly 1200, not a lot compared to other years but every one of those twelve hundred rode in and out again on our train which was a first for us at the TRHC.
Watch for further pictures to be posted here later this week!
Posting and Pictures by Russ Milland

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