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Laying the First Permanent Miniature Railway Track in the Park!

Click on each picture for a closer look!
Today, TRHA crews again rolled out our speeder trailers as you can see in the left hand picture above with the welding machine on one of them. We then proceeded to work on welding up miniature railway tracks to run between the rails on the full size radial tracks leading to stall 16. The stall 16 lead track will allow us to move the miniature railway trains into the museum's restoration area for major work.
In the right hand picture we see the completed length of miniature railway track on the lead rack to stall 10. Our interpid volunteers completed this track section yesterday (Friday).
Since the tracks will be embedded in the patio and the sides of the rails will not be seen, we used steel barstock for the rails, welding them as you can see in the middle picture to steel "ties".
Work was halted in mid-afternoon Saturday as wave after wave of thunderstorms struck the area. Work will recommence on Sunday morning. This work has to be done quickly as PNR Railworks now needs to install patio stone in this area now that all of the radial tracks between the turntable and roundhouse are now in place. The goal is to have the patio area completed in time for our Doors Open event on May 23rd and 24th.
Posting and Pictures by Russ Milland

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