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More Preparations of #6213 for the Big Move!

Click on each picture for a closer look!
Preparing the massive #6213 steam engine for the imminent move to Roundhouse Park is a formidable task. This condensed version of a recent work report from Grant Kingsland gives the reader a sense of the work effort involved and the challenges tackled:
"After 6213 (engine) was successfully moved ahead, we realized that she was too far ahead and we could not remove the wrist pin from the crosshead. we used our come-along cable pullers to tie on to the tender and pull the engine back - it worked with the help of three car movers as well. We eventually got the main rod off working between thunderstorms which unfortunately lost a lot of time for us.
The left side coupling rods cannot now be removed as the wheels are in the wrong position to take the knuckle pins. Setting up the come-along for moving the engine is very time consuming so we decided to defer this work until a time when a heavy tow can more easily move the engine on an upcoming weekday."
In the pictures below we see a platform being prepared unto which the locomotive tender will be rolled to provide a base for its transport to Roundhouse Park.
Posting by Russ Milland; Pictures by Grant Kngsland (above) and Bob Dickson (below)

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