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The Countdown has Begun for the Move of 6213!

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We finally have approval from the City engineering department for the 6213 relocation tomorrow (Tuesday) night and early Wednesday morning. Laurie McCulloch, the mover, has everything co-ordinated and will move come rain sleet or snow. Unfortunately, it is felt that it is too risky to go through the Princes' Gate so we are going back to the original route down Newfoundland Drive and then onto Lakeshore Boulevard. They plan on getting the ball rolling at about 10 pm but it is unlikely that the engine will on the streets before about 1 a.m. Wednesday morning as they have to wait for the TTC to remove the overhead wires at Bathurst Street.
Once it is at the Roundhouse Park, the locomotive will not be unloaded from the transport rig immediately. This will happen over the next several days.
Posting and Pictures by Michael Guy

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