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Tucking in #6213 for the Night!

Click on each picture for a closer look!

In the past day or so, we expended considerable time and effort to do a trial-fit of #6213 in the three stalls allocated to the museum. The result was somewhat surprising against our expectations. The track we used was stall 15 because the track in stall 16 is partly plated over with steel and stall 17 was inaccessible due to the work platform being temporarily stored just outside. This put #6213 against the east wall of this segment of the roundhouse. On this track, we had expected that side of the engine would be largely inaccessible for any ongoing work. This turned out not to be the case. We backed the engine in with the tender to the south (not the correct orientation for work on the engine but better for display purposes) and the engine and tender all but disappeared in there.
The roundhouse building is very deceptive. You wouldn't think a loco that big would start to look small in there but it does just that. Everywhere outside it dominates the landscape but inside you could easily miss it. There is plenty of room between it and the wall for all normal light maintenance including removal of valve-gear components and anything light enough not to require lifting gear. Thus augurs well for working on other equipment on that track as well.
Posting by Michael Guy; Pictures by Dave Wetherald

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