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Historic Note: #6218 Begins Excursion Service on this Date in 1964!

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As mentioned in earlier TRHA News postings, Derek Boles, TRHA's historian, publishes a daily posting on the Toronto Railway Heritage Yahoo Group List. These postings document major events in Canadian history that happened on that day of the year. In today's posting, one of the items was:
September 26, 1964:
Canadian National steam locomotive No. 6218 makes her debut as an excursion locomotive on a UCRS sponsored trip between Toronto and Scotia Junction, north of Huntsville. The locomotive was paired in a double header with soon to be retired Northern No. 6167. 6218 was probably CN's most famous excursion engine, its range extending from Chicago, Illinois to Portland, Maine. After the engine was retired in 1971, it was stored at Spadina Roundhouse and then donated to the Fort Erie Railway Museum where it receives indifferent care.
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The pictures above by John Vincent show CNR #6218 in action on an excursion on the Beeton Subdivision on February 19th, 1967.
Posting by Russ Milland; Pictures by John Vincent

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