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Milton Steam Era - Part 2 of 3

Click on each picture for a closer look!
Continuing on our search for steam at the Milton Steam Era show, we find at the upper left a steam tractor put to good use pulling a trailer load of passengers around the grounds. In the middle picture above, we find a large scale model of a steam tractor being prepared for a trip around the grounds. In the picture at the right above we find a rare survivor of the steam era - a steam powered road roller.
In the picture at the left below, we find a portable steam engine being used to drive a small saw mill. These portable untis were common a century ago as the primary means of providing power to machines. In the middle picture below, we find a large sawmill which was also in operation at the festival. Finally, in the lower right we find a fine collection of steam whistles on display.
Steam Era is noted for bringing a very diverse and ecletic collection of equipment from the past to one place for all to enjoy.
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Posting and pictures by Russ Milland

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