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Weekend Report - Saturday's Progress

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'Twas a lovely day no rain but we stayed indoors anyway. We all got so engrossed in the projects that when someone said "its four o'clock" the collective reaction was surprise - where had the day gone?
The TH&B van was emptied of junk and swept clean and the lights made to work again. We then recorded the interior after which the two tables were removed (gently) to improve access to the panelling. It seems likely that the three bunks/settees/storage lockers will need to be removed also as there is substantial rot in behind them. More investigation will take place next week.
Meanwhile we also attended to the Sweet Creek loco, blowing any water out of all the lines in preparation for freezing temperatures. A few of us then spent the rest of the day finishing off the mechanical details of the next miniature switch on the bench. This is now complete and will be installed tomorrow (Sunday).
Below, we find some of us inspecting a CNR handcart and steamer trunk newly donated to the the museum by Paul French.
Posting by Michael Guy; Pictures by Michael Guy and James Rasor

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