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More Progress on Don Station!

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Tom Murison reports on ongoing progress on the restoration of Don Station:
"We have the purlins on the west and south side located and have cut the north and east sides. The curved purlin has been rebuilt and will go up to finish the loop around the brackets. This is a bit tricky since the roof varies from one side to the other, and the hips are not completely straight. We are adjusting to maintain as close a line as possible to the original, while not making the small variations noticeable.
The rafters are all painted, as are the barge boards and much of the soffit material. We have also made and painted the cap rails for the v-joint (at the line of the window sills) so will start installing that too. We have nearly finished the brick below the floor and are leaving spaces for the vents that we have been asked to add to ventilate the crawl space. I am making these out of painted steel as there are none available that would suit our needs."
Posting and Pictures by Tom Murison

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