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Lighting Up the Roundhouse!

Click on each image for a closer look!
As sections of the Roundhouse move to completion, one of the final finish items is building lighting. These two photographs taken on December 21st during aiming trials shows the turntable courtyard and roundhouse doors as they will be lit during non-occupancy hours. Our electrical engineer and designer Deborah Gottesman wanted to capture and display the unique curved form of the building. You will notice the lighting of the clerestory high bay windows emphasizes this curved sweep.
The turntable has also had it's lighting installed. All portions of the structure will receive unique lighting treatment as we progress. The display tracks next to Bremner Avenue will have plug locations so that exterior lighting of the locomotives and rolling stock may be set up and changed for different exhibits.

The interior work bays will have two systems of lighting. The first system will handle the vital shop work lighting, and the second will be display lighting, giving us a flexible space.
Our criteria for our lighting is simple - Safety, Security, and Drama.
Posting by Orin Krivel; Pictures by Deborah Gottesman

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