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The Pyke Crane Move - Part 3 - Moving the Crane into the Roundhouse

Click on each picture for a closer look!
In this installment of our news posting of the move of the Pyke Crane to the Roundhouse, we first see (in the upper left picture) the CLC Whitcomb in action moving our #4803 GP9 to a new location. In the middle picture one of the moving crew works on the intake of the engine while we operated the crane from in the cab. In the picture at the right above, we find our CLC Whitcomb #1 beginning the move of the Pyke Crane to the turntable. The fencing was lowered so that we could swing the boom of the crane out of the way and allow us to couple up to it with #1. This pictures clearly shows how small the Whticomb and the crane is compared to #6213 on the track behind them.
In the picture at the left below, the crane is pulled onto the turntable, in preparation for locating it in stall 15. The middle picture below shows the boom extension being stored in the pit of stall 15 for now. Finally we see (from left to right) Arno Martens, Dan Garcia and Michael Guy posing with the Pyke Crane which is now safely stored in Stall 15.
Posting by Russ Milland; Pictures by Dan Garcia

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