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Renovations Underway to Union Station!

Click on each picture for a closer look!
Today's pictures show the "moat" between Union Station and Front Street. There are three bridges over the moat, one each for the office entrances to the east and west wings and the much larger centre bridge which provides access to the train station. Most people refer to this section as a plaza and are unaware that it is a bridge. It is this centre bridge that the city has been rebuilding. They divided it into two sections so as the allow continuous access from Front Street during the reconstruction. The western half has been essentially completed although parts of it are still blocked off because of other construction work. The eastern half is now now being reconstructed and scheduled for completion in the spring of 2010. Completion of both bridges is shceduled for mid-2010. This is the start of the major renovations to Union Station.
Posting by Derek Boles; Pictures by Michael Guy

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