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Weekend Report: The F7 Cab gets a Skirt!

Click on each picture for a closer look!
There was a great turn out of TRHA volunteers last Saturday. The weather was sunny and warmish at +3C or so around midday but by late afternoon the wind was up and it got decidedly crisp around the ears. We had a good number of visitors with small children, all very interested in what we were doing and in looking at and visiting the various locomotives.
Our team made great progress fitting flangeway blocks to the track crossings. 'Chester' (our miniature work car) has now made it around the track from the station via the west loop and back to the diamond crossing. One of our volunteers also worked on the TH&B caboose while the rest of the crew shuffled the rolling stock around outside using our CLC Whitcomb locomotive. #6213 is now fenced in under the coaling tower while #7069 and #7020 are clear of the patio door posts to allow snow clearance. #4803 is on the turntable and #1 is back inside stall 15.
Our F7 Cab is seen above awaiting fitting of its skirt early last Saturday just after #1 moved out of the roundhouse leaving a smoky haze near the ceiling. We then fired up Elwell the Crane and used it to fit the front skirt to the F7 cab. It took the combined efforts of six of us plus the crane to wrestle the skirt into place and fit the thirty-four 3/4" diameter bolts. The coupler was lifted into place but could not be fitted properly as we lack the 4-inch diameter steel pin required to attach it. A new one will be manufactured in the next few weeks. In the pictures below we see the skirt being fitted and a portrait of the F7 Cab with its skirt in place.
Posting by Michael Guy; Pictures by Stephen Gardiner

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