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Canada's Railway Preservationists: The Hanna (Alberta) Roundhouse Society

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As winter closes in on Toronto and Roundhouse Park, we will look further afield for news of interest to those of us interested in the preservation of railway history and the development of railway museums.
In November of 2009, James Rasor, one of our TRHA volunteeers attended restoration courses in Kigston, Ontario where he met Stephen Suen, Architect, from Alberta who is trying to help the Hanna, Alberta community put together and fund the restoration of their Hanna Roundhouse. It is pictured above in its current condition. Here is their description of their group and their mission:
"The Hanna Roundhouse Society is a not-for-profit society working on a project to restore the 1913 Hanna Roundhouse and to gather historical information on rail pioneers from around the area. The Hanna Roundhouse was a Divisional point with the railroad , yet no employee records were kept of the train station, the roundhouse or the Goose Lake Line workers. Restoring Hanna's Roundhouse, researching/displaying local railway and pioneer history, is significant to our heritage. It will honor our railway pioneers and increase tourism to our town and to the surrounding communities.
If we do not preserve and document railway history with help from our living pioneers, they and the roundhouse will disappear forever. Funds awarded to this project will go towards the purchase of the privately owned Roundhouse property and start the restoration process; install geothermal heating systems and build the Hanna Roundhouse and Cultural Center. This center will support historical displays & educate visitors of our railroad history and support the rail history of our surrounding areas."
We wish them well in preserving yet one of the dimishing number of roundhouses in Canada. To read more, visit their web page.
Posting by Russ Milland; Pictures from the "The Hanna Roundhouse Society" web page

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