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Weekend Report: Progress Despite the Frigid Weather!

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It was certainly nippy out today but inside the three stalls it was a good working temperature, you could barely see your breath!
The TH&B van is still in 'removals' stage as we continued to remove more tongue and groove siding in search of more wood needign replacement in the walls. The west wall is now down to bare steel for ab out 1/3 its length and nearly ready for a coat of rust paint.
Minor repairs to #7020 are complete and it is parked outside once again. This simple manoeuvre took some time as we needed to park #4803 off the turntable, remove fences, move #7020, shift #4803 back and replace all the fences. All of this outdoor work was lots of fun at -10 C but fortunately there was no wind and lots of sunshine and we even had a small audience.
We also made excellent progress in the F7 diesel cab. The new sub-floor is better than 75% complete needing only fastenings and two small bits of plywood to finish. As usual, many sundry odd jobs got done. The engine fan assembly off the Pyke was degreased and spruced up and the north end of stall 16 got a needed clean-up and floor sweep. This latter was partly in preparation for a contractor beginning pipe work for our heating system next week.
Posting by Michael Guy; Photos by Lance Gleich & Stephen Gardiner

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