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Weekend Report: Painting the Caboose and F7 Restoration

Click on each picture for a closer look!

This past weekend, our dedicated volunteers continued to pursue restoration work. As you will read in these reports by two of our volunteers, the work involves a lot of small tasks and takes siginifcant amounts of time and elbow grease to complete.
This is Not a Picasso by James Rasor
"Work on the TH&B Caboose went very well this weekend thanks to Bob, Lance, Richard and James. Test paints for the exterior were applied using two samples provided to TRHA by Benjamin Moore who has been generously helping us match the original red and the original yellow applied on top of the red. A small area is also being tested to see how different primer colours may affect the test paint before we make a final decision. Inside the caboose, work went very well with all the backside of the metal sheathing painted and all the new structural supports painted."
As the F7 turns by Dan Garcia
"First order of business was to check the flooring - any spots that we were a bit unsure upon installation last week we
are no longer concerned with. The floor feels as solid if not more so than it did before. . After that, we got to work. Stephen ripped out the old wires from the ceiling conduits and ran twine in place, while Richard painted the outsides of the exterior doors - they look great. Richard also finished painting the steps into the nose, which should be able to be installed next week. The three of us then got to work on the various electrical door panels, Richard painting while Stephen and I prepped. We also removed the two interior engine room doors and did the same. All of the doors now have a coat of grey metal primer on one side, and will get the second coat next week. . Stephen also did some additional cleaning in the nose of the cab and painted the "kickplate" at the edge of the steps. I took a grinder to some of the bits of metal that were still sticking out a fair distance into the space allocated for the sofa."
Posting By Russ Milland; Pictures by
Stephen Gardiner, Lance Gleich and James Rasor

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