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Weekend Report: Another Great Team Effort!

Click on each picture for a closer look!
Once again we had a great turnout this past weekend and our teams continued to focus on the restoration of the TH&B Caboose, the F7 Diesel Cab and the disassembly of a locomotive.
The F7 Cab work included the preparation of a second layer of flooring, checking some loudspeakers that we have acquired so that we can include appropriate engine and track sounds in our simulation, vacuuming the cab to clean out more sand and painting of the control stands. Last of all, we loaded up a large bin of bits and pieces to be sent out for sandblasting and painting.
In the photo at the right below, we now find three locomotives in our miniature railway shop. One is, of course, our Sweet Creek 2-6-0 steam locomotive whose development was extensively covered in earlier posts. The other two, one of which was disassembled this weekend, will be introduced to you in subsequent news postings.
Posting by Russ Milland; Pictures by Stephen Gardiner, Lance Gleich, Michael Guy and James Rasor

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