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Mid-Week Report: Busy-ness Prevails During the Week - Part 2 of 2

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As shown in the pictures below, work is also progressing on completing the restoration of Don Station and Cabin D. Tom Murison, whose team is doing the work, reports regularly on their progress. Here is an excerpt about the deck work from his latest report:
“We have laid out the substructure for the Don deck and most of the Cabin D deck. The sleepers are set on the well compacted limestone base, and the decks are sloped to drain away from the buildings. The beams are generally 6 x 6 or 6 x 8 with the heavier pieces used at the perimeter or where the highest loads are expected. We have nailed the beams to the sleepers with galvanized 10" nails through pilot holes, driven with the sledge. At corners the beams are nailed to each other horizontally. We have allowed for air to flow through the deck with passages around the beam ends at the brickwork to allow the air to ventilate the space. This may become a critter haven, but is big enough for cats to rule.”
Finally, to wrap up a great week, we have the following "Friday" story from Michael Guy:

"Dave Fleming and I were working away in the three stalls this afternoon (as were the heating plumbers) when a woman arrived towing her eleven year old son. Her son Bennett is a train enthusiast and apparently spends much of his online time glued to watching us from his home in the Junction. This young fellow knows everything there is to know about everything we own because he reads every word we publish. He led me on a tour of the museum describing the history of everything from the origin of the truck under the F7 to the fact that we got the Pyke from GO and he even knew that loco #1 was "originally" painted green! It appears that we are making quite an impact out there!"
Posting by Russ Milland; Pictures by Tom Murison & Michael Guy

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