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Mid-Week Report: A Panopoly of Projects Proceeds!

Click on each image for a closer look!
. defines "panopoly" as a "splendid or impressive array" and our panopoly of projects is just that! Work continued on many fronts this week as we addressed the need to fine tune the ballast around the miniature railway track and complete the trackage leading into and out of the miniature railway depot. We also picked up a donated radiator and oil cooler for the Pyke Crane which will allows us to attack the problem of reinstating the cooling system for the Pyke's Detroit diesel engine which had gone missing before we moved the crane to Roundhouse Park. Work also continued on the restoration of the F7 Cab.
We also took the opportunity to take a little battery electric locomotive out for a spin on the miniature railway track. This locomotive will be called "one-over-two" and numbered 1/2 because it is so small! Despite that, it has enough pull to handle a couple of cars and four people. It is a true 'fine scale' 7-1/2" gauge locomotive and as expected it found a few spots in the track needing adjustment. As we approach the Doors Open weekend, we will be trying out other miniature locomotives on our track to continue to find places to adjust to make the track as accommodating as possible.
In the pictures above, we see the Romulus steam engine coming together after an “overhaul”, the miniature Whitcomb diesel which also is coming along very nicely and a picture of the electric loco 1/2. Below we find an interesting pair of images of our crossing gates and a great image of the back of the Pyke crane where the attractive new paint job is very evident.
Posting by Russ Milland; Pictures by Lance Gleich & Stephen Gardiner

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