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Weekend Report: Sunday - A Day of Equipment Moves Large and Small!

Click on each image for a closer look!
Sunday also dawned sunny as well. There were lots of people in Roundhouse Park so we had an audience for our planned equipment shuffle this morning using a smaller team of eight volunteers. We started by shuffling the equipment as follows:
  • #4803 is now in stall 15, long hood to the south
  • The Pyke Crane is in Stall 16
  • The boxcar is outside on radial 17
  • Our Whitcomb #1 on the turntable.
We did all of this is to allow some deferred maintenance to occur on #4803 from the comfort of the work platform while still keeping the roundhouse floor reasonably clear for the electrical installation work which is still ongoing. After lunch, work continued inside the museum on the Pyke Crane, the F7 cab and the caboose. Work also continued in the miniature railway depot. By day’s end the elevated track #4 was complete and a level deficiency in the lead track had been improved significantly. To cap the day we moved Sweet Creek into its new home in the depot for the first time.
Posting by Michael Guy; Pictures by Stephen Gardiner

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