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Doors Open - Equipment Displays

Click on each image for a closer look!
Continuing our coverage of the Doors Open weekend, this post focusses on the equipment on display throughout Roundhosue Park. We can now raise the boom on the Pyke Crane. In the upper left images, we find the crane being used to display a large Doors Open banner during the event. In the next image we find the vinegar car being placed on display beside Cabin D for the event.
Below we see the velocipede from the Walmsley Collection on display beside our Fowler Boxcar (during the Opening Ceremonies). In the middle picture below we find a great shot of our miniature Whticomb diesel passing our full size Whitcomb. Finally, in the last image, our Whitcomb pulls a train considting of our Fowler Boxcar and our TH&B Caboose off the turntable onto the radial track beside the Steam Whistle Brewery where the complete trainset was a popular exhibit all weekend. Many a visitor toured the caboose.
Posting by Russ Milland; Pictures by Thomas Blampied, David Flinn, Lance Gleich & Stephen Gardiner

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