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Weekend Report: Saturday saw the U33C Cab Assembled into One Unit!

Click on each image for a closer look!
We had a grand day on Saturday with only a little light rain to dampen the proceedings. It was a long day too. Some of us didn't arrive home until mid-evening. Here is a partial list of what happened today:
  • The TH&B caboose had more new wood, care and paint lavished on it
  • Much clean-up of the stalls and service pits occurred
  • The Pyke has fresh aluminum paint applied to the intakes and exhausts up on top
  • Over in the mini depot, the little Romulus steam loco underwent further boiler maintenance followed by a late day test steam-up that went well.
The major project for the day was the U33C simulator. The new steel underframe for the cab arrived. It was unloaded, assembled and rolled from the coaling tower track to stall sixteen where we spent several hours lifting the cab and hood into place. This was complicated by the need to rotate the cab 90 degrees before lifting it a little higher than Elwell-the-Crane was capable of doing. The solution was to finally place it with two forklifts, one from each side after rotating it with Elwell the Crane.
Break time was greatly enhanced due to the mother of one of our greatest young enthusiasts, Bennett, once again bringing down a brace of coffee cakes!
All of the images today are of the day-long project to assemble the U33C Cab. The group picture at the lower right captures most of the crew remaining at the end of day. Our thanks for a great day's effort to them and the other volunteers who had to leave earlier.
Posting by Michael Guy; Pictures by Thomas Blampied & Russ Milland

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