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Weekend Report: Sunday - Part 1: The Caboose, F7, U33C, Test Cart & the Miniature Railway

Click on each picture for a closer look!
Sunday arrived and saw a smaller team of volunteers which was partly due to Sunday being Mother’s Day. Our team today included the Garcia family as TRHA Board Member Dan Garcia brought his mother and his father down to the Roundhouse to help. While Dan was working on the F7, his dad Sergio was building new window sills for the TH&B caboose while Dan's mother was stripping paint all day on the furniture from the van working with Dave, another volunteer.
The TRHA team of Bill, Brian, Jay and Russ who are chaleenged with installing the computer-driven simulations systems for the U33C and the F7 were busy further commissioning the U33C simulation system, By the end of the day, they successfully had all of the electrical systems in the U33C tested out and working as can be seen in the attached images which show quite a bit of it “lit up”.
Meanwhile, Dave, Mike and Ryan built an extension to the station platform deck to take the miniature water tower which is now in its proper place as shown in the attached pictures. Our thanks go to Tom Murison for donating the Hemlock wood with which we built the tower. Work on the miniature railway continued to steadily progress with Arno (with help from Ryan) was busily grinding away concrete on the Y embankment to allow a check rail to be fitted on that curve.
In the last image (lower right), the simulations team discovers a brake system test cart among the artefacts in the museum. These carts could be wheeled up to a freight or passenger and used to test the car's braking system for proper functioning. The team concluded that there is an intriguing potential restoration project to restore the cart and use it to derive an interactive display which explains how a train brake system works.
Posting and Pictures by Russ Milland

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