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Weekend Report – Sunday Part 2 – The Miniature Whitcomb takes to the Rails!

Click on each picture for a closer look!
As everyone is aware, Michael Guy has been steadily working on the development of a miniature version of our standard gauge Whitcomb #1 (see photo of the original at the left above) to operate on the TRHC’s miniature railway. This engine is using much the same robust propulsion system as the CN Diesel – a gasoline engine driving a hydraulic pump which in turn drives a pair of hydraulic motors on the trucks.
This past Sunday, the engine was brought out of the machine shop and successfully run through it’s first real trials. There trials are important as they allow us to determine if further adjustments are needed to our 7 ½” gauge track. This coming weekend, we will likely take the engine to the Golden Horseshoe Live Steamer’s weekend event at their track in Hamilton to see if it also operates well on a 7 ¼” gauge track as it is designed to run on both.
Posting and Pictures by Russ Milland

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