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Moving the Shanty Out of Harm's Way!

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In order to provide a safe area for large helicopters to land in the middle of Roundhouse Park, it was necessary to move the crossing shanty out of harm's way. Tom Murison reports on the undertaking as follows:

"McCulloch brought a crew, a large hydraulic crane and a custom lifting jig made specially for our little shanty. The electrical feed was disconnected on Wednesday, so we broke the connection between the building and foundation then jacked the structure skywards with 20 ton jacks.
While one crew began setting the lifting frame in place and placed the crane on outriggers and mudsills, the other crew began cutting the wooden cover for the foundation and the temporary hoarding for the shanty windows.
The shanty was lifted with the crane barely over idling speed. The building is not heavy for a crane of that size, but the crane allowed a good radius of swing for placing it on the trailer. The shanty was placed in a relatively safe and isolated spot.
After placing the shanty on cribbing, and leaving the lifting frame in place for the return journey, we fitted the new plywood and 2 x 4 batten covers between the window sills and undersides of the rafters. the corners of this crate are screwed to itself so that nothing had to be nailed or screwed into the finished wood trim."
Posting by Russ Milland; Pictures by Tom Murison & Wilson Lau

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